Rod Emory:
Open House 2019 /

Rod Emory builds Porsche 356’s with the ultimate in function and drivability mixed with old world form and expression. With his first ever open house, his fans were given the unique opportunity to see into his world.

Step on into that world.

A family affair /

Deeply rooted in the past with a family history of hot rodding that dates back 70 years. From his grandfather Neil Emory, co-founder of Valley Custom Shop, to his Dad, Gary Emory who combined hot rodding with Porsche 356’s to give birth to the “Outlaw”, Rod Emory is no stranger to the custom car world.

The work.
Rod approaches every build with the eyes and sensibility of a true designer with hands on craftsmanship in every build. No two builds are at all alike and he will be the first one to tell you he knows every detail to every car he’s ever built. That’s impressive.

As he carries on the legacy of his Grandfather's hot rodding and his Dad's Parts Obsolete contribution to the Porsche community, everything he does melds together a subtle palette of high end design and old world craftsmanship and original usage of parts that is unique in modern car culture.

A rare opportunity /

When I first heard through the Emory email list of the first ever open house I immediately started making plans for the trip back down to LA. I was thrilled to be able to finally get a glimpse into the body of work Rod Emory has created over the years.

With much anticipation.
Having spent my formative years as a bodyman, painter, custom car builder and the majority of my career as a graphic designer and artist, this was a much anticipated opportunity to have a look back into the world of pure analog car building. However, I never anticipated the depth of mixing design into everything Rod does. In the vain of one of his latest innovation's, he's able to innovate with an artistic expression of a modern artist such as you’d find on the NY gallery scene.

I myself lately have yearned to get back into purely car building again, this was a truly inspirational event.

The clouds broke for those few hours /

As my boys and I made our way through rain storms, the whole way down from the Bay Area to LA, the clouds broke for a perfect few hours, just in the Valley. And a perfect gathering it was. Rod was a consummate host and everyone who attended relished in the work, beautifully presented.

From some of his earliest creations to the beautiful narrow-bodied 911 race car below. From all of his customer cars to the insanely innovated turbo 356/964 you'll see later on, it was truly a memorable experience for all.

A very special thanks goes out to Rod, his family and his staff who all helped to put this amazing event together and to give us a glimpse into their unique world of custom Porsche 356 car culture. Can't wait till the next one!

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