Luftgekühlt 6:
Universal Studios Backlot 2019/

Luftgekühlt 6 was by far the most ambitious and awe-inspiring car show I've ever been a witness to. Blessed to have been a part of it, it's taken on the Porsche community by storm.

It's more than a show, it's a happening.


Time Capsule:
Spyder 550A 0144 /

Sitting there in the paddock after stretching it's legs in a half hour run around Laguna Seca, with the smell of racing fuel and exhaust still fresh in the air, it was as if it had just been peeled off the wall of a world class art museum.


Rod Emory:
Open House 2019 /

Rod Emory builds Porsche 356’s with the ultimate in function and drivability mixed with old world form and expression. With his first ever open house, his fans were given the unique opportunity to see into his world.


Life speeds by at a racers pace /

There's something about vintage racing that's pure and authentic. It takes you back to a simpler time. I hope to capture that spirit here with a fresh look. As a decades long designer and Porschephile with a flavor for the aircooled era, this is my first dive into combining my love, passion and yes, sickness into a complete lifestyle brand.

Welcome to Rennenwerks, a culmination of my work in design, editorial, car show photography and my experience of custom car building with an emphasis on the Porsche 356. Old world style, with a twist. Reminiscent of the early days of racing, before it was vintage. Have a look at a few of the designs below and shop the collection.

Rennen Porsche 
356 Outlaw /

Out now from Rennenwerks, this art piece is designed and crafted with love and passion. Inspired by my own '56 Outlaw, this shirt will turn heads around town or in the paddocks of your favorite race track.

Buy 356 Outlaw Tee
Rennen – Porsche 356 OutlawRennen Eagle

RDWKs Eagle /

Inspired by vintage German auto racing and touring clubs, the Rennen RDWKs Eagle soars above the rest. Classic fit, vintage look. Fly away with yours today!

Buy RDWKs Eagle Tee

The Rennen Ace
of Spades Roundel /

Inspired by the early Porsche designed Sascha, open-wheeled racer. Combined with a little Rock-N-Roll and just the right amount of WWII fighter plane DNA, this graphic will rock the crowd!

Buy Rennen Roundel Tee
Rennen Sparky

More designs than 
you can shake a slick at /

Inspired by German Das Auto styling and vintage auto club racing, all shirts feature a light to the touch design and premium fit and feel. Just like a classic 356 they will out pace the best and become a crowd favorite. Browse the Rennen Collection today and find your perfect fit.

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